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Hi, my name is Monique Vugs.

As a creative consultant, I use my experience in fashion design to add a personal touch to your home, so it truly reflects your personality.

Over the years, I’ve come to understand that where you live,

the place you call home, is an expression of who you are. Designing your home, and by extension your life, combining vintage with modern, is what I love to do best.

My dad was an antiques dealer and restored furniture while my mum owned a womenswear boutique. So as you can see it's

not very difficult to trace my interests.

I spent the last twenty years working as a freelance designer for a wide range of customers, specialising in women’s and children’s fashion.

How can I help you? 

Call me if you are considering a whole house make-over,

need advice about colours, materials and textiles or want me

to be your personal home shopper. I also am available for all fashion and design-related assignments.

Portfolio Interior

Portfolio Interior


Portfolio Fashion


How it works?

I mix old and new to create an environment that you can live

or work in. Instead of being a museum or a showroom,

your house should reflect who you are.

I strive to reuse objects, often giving them a new lease on life

in your home, and work with local craftsmen and suppliers

for a more sustainable approach. 

Yes, I want to hire you!

You tell me what you want during our first meeting.

I listen to your needs and wishes, and then draw up a budget, based on the estimated workload and the services you

require from me.

Let’s get started.

After our meeting, you can sit back and relax while I put together a tailor-made mood board, with colours, materials and fabrics to upgrade the most important spaces on your life.


Happy clients

My clients include (interior) architects, project developers,

small businesses (including cafes and shops) and of course private individuals. 


"Monique has a knack for mixing and matching materials, vintage objects and design. She never fails to surprise me with her unexpected, beautiful colour combinations”.

Dettie , Antwerp 

"Monique helped us to fine-tune our holiday home in Spain, adding a personal touch and creating a sense of coherence and harmony, by selecting lovely materials and combining them with some fabulous colour accents”.

Marjolein , Moraira, Spain



HQ: Cruyslei 78, B-2100

Studio: SPIL BOHO, Spillemansstraat 65, B-2140

Antwerp, Belgium

Tel: +32 (0) 497 544 777

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